The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon jacket vest cosplay costume Angel's wings

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon jacket vest cosplay costume Angel's wings

Posted by Ms. Jinping Dong on 4th Apr 2014

   Whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you must be stunned by the character Daryl Dixon who is fearless efficiency in killing zombies.

    At here, we have designed this costume accoring to his dressing in that drama. The Daryl jacket put on you will add your hunting trip more interest;in your cosplay, it can make you earn enough second glance for the Angel's wings are embroidered on the back of the leather vest; in the your daily wearing,it absolutely show your manliness and untouchable personality, two ropes attaching the front and back parts together forming the vest. I can bet that your eyes will be deceived when you first see this costume.Because it looks like a shirt and a leather coat combining together. Oh, no, I tell you the truth. That shirt's sleeves are spliced by the same material as the vest.

    This innovation is bold enough, hah, brer. We thicken the parts of elbow by patching to protect yourself. All in all, this jacket gives you choice. You can choose wear only the shirt with leather sleeves,although it's a little weird. Don't worry. Sometimes the truth is hold in weirdo's hands. Maybe, your freakish dressing is in the right person's taste. You can also use the vest to match with your other coat.

     To rescue your partners from the zombies, put on this jacket worn by Daryl Dixon showing your endless charming among your team.It's time to march toward a new society, your task begins with The Dead Walking -Daryl Dixon jacket!

Special features:

Including: jacket and vest.

Intricate details the most accurate replica of Daryl Dixon outfit.

Vest: high quality artificial leather.

Lining fabric of vest: Polyester Taffeta.

Jacket: 30% artificial leather, 60% cotton 10% polyester.

Cuff with two copper zippers.

Stainless steel snap fasteners at vest's closure.

Vest's center back embroidered vivid Angel's wings.

Vest with two large pockets.

Two flaps pockets at the jacket's chest.

Dry clean only